armoiries Vannes-le-Châtel


Number of inhabitants 523
Department Meurthe-et-Moselle
Town Hall 6 Rue de la Poste
Tél. : 03 83 25 41 98
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The village of Vannes-le-Châtel, in Lorraine, is considered as the city of glass and crystal for more than two centuries. Vannes-le-Châtel today shows its innovative set, the Glass Platform, entirely dedicated to these materials.

The European Center for Research an Training on Glass Arts (Cerfav) develops an international activity on training, research and creation. Cerfav has brought the creation of many craftmanship firms in the whole Europe.

Another structure, the Espace Verre (a glass-dedicated area), welcomes and informs a huge audience (including school children) by offering demonstrations, shows and exhibitions. This Glass Platform concept has, in a few years time only, given the village a new expansion through creating jobs and attracting many trainees and visitors.