armoiries Joué-les-Tours

Monsieur Frédéric AUGIS

Number of inhabitants 36 517
Department Indre-et-Loire
Town Hall Place François Miterrand
BP 108
37 301
Tél. : 02 47 39 70 00
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Touraine, the Garden of France in the Loire Valley is famous for its chateaux, but also returned for its craft tradition. Joué-les-Tours, just ten minuts from Tours, second town of the "department" with 37 000 inhabitants, is home to many artisans. Its two training institutions ensure that the skill and passion for arts and crafts are passed on to young people.

Arsonval secondary school for vocational training, specializes in arts and crafts, teaches training that combines manuel and artistic skills in visual arts, interiors design, upholstery, cabinetmaking for instance... Each year, three hundred young people interested in applied arts and sensitive to natural materials, benefits from the training. Arsonval school participates in arts and crafts shows, develops exchanges with europeen partners and also local partners such as the Fine Art School of Tours.

Le Centre de Formation d’Apprentis de la Chambre de Métiers (CFA) d’Indre-et-Loire is an institution dedicated ti the training of over 1700 youngs apprentices per year. Its success is based on wide range of qualification on a method that favors individualized teaching. There are about forty prepared qualification available including leather work (upholstery, bower, saddler) a clockmaker. Once the current restructuring is finished the CFA will became a proper "Campus for Arts and Crafts"


« Atelier de Chris » - Christine Thomas (Jewels – Jewelry
Manufacturing, repair, creation and remodeling of gold, silver and platinum jewelry.


Pénélope « Esprit d’Atelier » (Stylist, pattern maker)

Restyling and creation of clothes and evening wear.


« Les Peintures en Scène » - Florence Hardy (decorative painter)

Scenics and trompe-l'oeil, lime washing, painting of furniture, polish on antic furniture


Richard Vyain  (upholsterer and interior decorator)

Recovering of chairs and sofas of any style, any work of interior decorating (soft furniture : meeting, curtains, roller blinds, panel curtains, drapes, rops installation)