armoiries Lagrasse

Monsieur Jean-Paul OLIVE

Number of inhabitants 636
Department Aude
Town Hall 13 Place de la Halle
Tél. : 04 68 43 10 05
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The village of Lagrasse was born from its abbey.  In the Carolingian period, this primitive habitat was located on the left bank of the Orbieu, adjoining the monastery.

Nestled inside the ramparts,  the town itself, voted one of the "Most Beautiful Villages of France", is a picturesque group of buildings.  Its narrow streets dotted with narrow house, retain many fronts dating from the Middle Ages to the 18th century.


From Middle Ages up to the 18th century, agricultural resources and farming was the main income of Lagrasse. 

Today, Lagrasse, the administrative center of the county lives mainly by the products of the vineyards and tourism.  Many of its shops have been reopened and which are now home to many artists and craftsmen.