Lodévois et Larzac
Communaute de Communes du Lodèvois et du Larzac (CCLL)

armoiries Lodévois et Larzac

Marie Christine BOUSQUET, présidente de la CCLL et Maire de Lodéve

Number of inhabitants 13 768
Department Hérault
Town Hall 9 Place Alsace Lorraine
Tél. : 04 67 88 90 90
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La Communauté de Communes du Lodèvois & Larzac (CCLL) supports actively the development of Art professions to re-revitalize its city center, by inciting the Creative craftsmen to become established there durably.

A collective brand was deposited " Horizons Intérieurs" to federate the Creative craftsmen motivated by the project.

Within the CCLL, the promotion of Art professions articulates around three major axes:



The Arts&Crafts and Living Heritage Pole

Each Year, around 40 professional craftsmen of the area are gathered around the collective pole« Horizons Interieurs ». They are supported by the local collectivity. They take part in many events organised to promote local arts & crafts : in April, the European Days for Arts & Crafts ; in summer, the poetry festival « Les Voix de la Méditerranée » and the «  Lodeve’s summer Nights » ; in September, the European Heritage Days.

Cultural, commercial, touristic and educational structures are associated with the organised events.


The Arts & CraftsGallery "Horizons Intérieurs" :

It is a shop, open all year long, where you can discover and buy the creations of artists and craftworkers. Other creators are also invited to enrich and renew regularly the offer which changes with each season : decorative objects, fashion (leather, jewels, hats,), tableware, small furniture

 Boutique Galerie Horizons Intérieurs

45 Grand’Rue, 34700 LODEVE

04 67 44 29 28



The Craftsmen & Creator’s Fair

In 2012, from November 23th to November 25th, will take place the 16th edition of this fair, well known in the South of France for its high quality and for its warm atmosphere.

50 exhibitors are carefully selected to satisfy about 3 500 visitors, coming from all over Languedoc Roussillon and further.

Arts& Crafts in Lodeve includes :

- « La savonnerie de Lodève », a  national carpets fabric

A team of around 20 weavers create contemporary and historical carpets of very high standard commissioned by the State.

You can visit this gem of arts & crafts with specialised guides of « Ville d’Art et d’Histoire » on Thursdays and Fridays.

Booking at the Tourism office : 04 67 88 86 44.

Atelier de la Savonnerie

Impasse des Liciers - 34700 Lodève

Site : www. mobiliernational.culture.gouv.fr

- « La Manufacture Languedocienne de Grandes Orgues »

The highly qualified craftsmen of this famous establishment have restored the historical organs of Lodeve’s cathedral.

This private establishment creates, restores and maintains organs all over France and abroad.

Some visits are organised for small groups on demand.


1797, rute du Puech

34700 Lodève

Tél : 04 67 44 10 21

Site : www.grandes-orgues.com