armoiries Millau

Monsieur Christophe SAINT-PIERRE

Number of inhabitants 22 280
Department Aveyron
Town Hall 17 Avenue de la République
BP 147
Tél. : 05 65 59 50 00
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MILLAU, leather worn skin-deep!


Tanning activities in Millau are historically linked to the production of Roquefort cheese and its requirement for large quantities of ewe's milk. The huge number of sheep, the unequalled quality of lambskin and the presence of Tarn river guided Millau towards its destiny as a glove-manufacturing centre, internationnally well-known.

Today, the world of haute-couture and fashion (Dior, Chanel, Hermès, Vuitton...) is enthusiastic for gloves made in Millau, which can be found in luxury boutiques all over the world. They are worn by numerous international stars like Madonna, Karl Lagerfeld or Kylie Minogue, just to name a few!

Several companies like taweries, tanneries, glove factories, leather-goods shops...are grouped together in a Leather Collective.

Labelled 'Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant' (Company with a Living Patrimony) by the French ministry of Culture in 2000, Causse manufacture stands in a building designed by the famous architect Jean-Michel Wilmotte; Maison Fabre supplies for the gloves worn by Nicole Kidman in the movie Grâce of Monaco, or the French singer Matt Pokora in the musical Robin Hood, as well as Kim Kardashian...

In 2000, Millau was awarded the label 'Ville et métiers d'art' (Arts and Crafts City). It acknowledges the efforts made by the town and the district Planning Authority of Millau Grands Causses to put forward the leather industry. It also admits their financial and technical support to the actions led by the craftspeople composing 'Millau Art et Savoir-Faire' (Millau Art and Know-How). The latter manage a showroom located in the historical centre, called 'Espace Métiers d'Art'

In rue de la Capelle, which is being renovated, a real welcoming policy is set up for new craftsmen willing to open their workshops there. There are also regular interventions of a designer to advice them in their partnership.