armoiries Pont-Scorff

Monsieur Pierrik NEVANNEN

Number of inhabitants 3 500
Department Morbihan
Town Hall 4 Place de la Maison des Princes
Tél. : 02 97 32 60 37
image Pont-Scorff image Pont-Scorff image Pont-Scorff


History and cultural heritage

Lying at the gates of the ocean, the town of Pont-Scorff offers the charm of its ancient houses, chapels and manors to those who take the time to explore its picturesque streets and sunken lanes.
 In the XVI th century, Pont-Scorff was one of the largest domains in the principality of Guemene and it was at this time that the Maison des Princes de Rohan-Guémené was built.
 This building goes with a group of mansions and historical houses from the 16th, 17th and 18th centuries that you can discover on a stroll around the main square and the picturesque streets, Rue du Prince de Polignac, Rue TERRIEN...


Pont-Scorff, an art craft industry center.

10 minutes away from Lorient, visitors can discover  crafts of creating and restoring works of art .Here vitraillistes,jewels creators, sculptors, bookbinders, cutlers practice their arts with pride and passion.
At the heart of the town, La Cour des Métiers d'Arts offers a large choice of contemporary art crafts along four showrooms: a genuine skill dedicated to elegance and refinement.


In this place of contemporary art located in the center of a building dating back to the xviiith century, visitors can discover 5 contemporary exhibitions during the whole year and in  summer  various unexpected exhibitions dispatched in the very heart of the green countryside with its rural heritage.

Pont Scorff also owns a theatre LE STRAPONTIN, a regional stage for word arts, the museum Pierre de Grauw, where visitors will see sculptures around the theme of the Bible, a Zoo with more than 600 animals and a lot of hiking opportunities.