Monsieur Yvon BONZY

Number of inhabitants 2 500
Department Gard
Town Hall Place de la Mairie
Tél. : 04 66 22 15 71

The city of Saint-Quentin-la-Poterie has a pottery tradition dating back to the 16th century

It was awarded the French “City of Arts and Crafts” label in 1995 and was able to keep up its international renown in the ceramic arts. The ever increasing diversity of active pottery workshops are testimony to this. Many other craftsmen have since chosen Saint-Quentin-la-Poterie as their home.

Within the boundaries of the village, many places are dedicated to culture and the arts:

- The Cultural Centre manages the cultural activities among which the accordion festival, the European festival of ceramic arts, the arts and crafts festival and the cultural heritage days.

- The Museum of Mediterranean Pottery shows collections of traditional earth ware used all around the Mediterranean sea and organises a yearly temporary exhibition. The Terra Viva Gallery shows the diversity of contemporary creation in ceramics, bronze, wood, glass and other materials.

- The Earth-Workshop offers shorter and longer pottery-courses for children and adults all year round. Be it for one session of the whole term, tutors will guide the participants in their creative process. Many techniques are taught.

- The Artists’ Residence is located in the heart of the village. In this house, artists are welcome for a period of one to three months in order to exchange know-how with local professionals. A workspace is provided in the Earth-Workshop including an electric oven (reaching 1300°). The artist in residence will hold a presentation session on a particular technique or his own local production.

- The CFA (Apprentice Teaching Centre) prepares candidates for the French degrees in pottery. Apprentices and interns are taught in small groups and are prepared to the all possible jobs dealing with ceramics, according to market needs.