Ville & Eurometropole

armoiries Strasbourg

Monsieur Roland RIES
Maire de Strasbourg

Number of inhabitants 264 098
Department Bas-Rhin
Adress Ville & Eurometropole
1 Parc de l'Etoile
Tél. : 03 88 60 90 90
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A European capital listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site for its Grande Ile

Strasbourg is a city with a long history and significant cultural importance. It has been a member of the Ville et Métiers d’Art association since 1998

Membership of the association is a gauge of authenticity and excellence and results from the efforts made by the City to preserve, highlight and foster its often multisecular traditions of art and culture. These traditions underpin contemporary talent and provide inspiration for modern-day creativity and avant garde vision. Such skills form a central plank of our heritage and help boost Strasbourg's international reputation and influence.

The creative industries are important for our city and make a substantial contribution to its cultural, social and economic development.

They are the foundations of a cultural heritage, which must be protected while fostering creativity.

They offer a communication channel with the local community, boost social cohesion and drive the pooling and exchange of knowledge and techniques.

Creative industries are drivers for growth and for the economy.

Cathédrale de Strasbourg
Thierry HERR

The City provides support for the creative industries through the Strasbourg Eco 2020 roadmap, which highlights creative companies as one of the 4 priority sectors to be encouraged and supported.

Claire Seyller
Gaby Kretz Sculpteur
Tapissier rue des Juifs

Crédits photos : CUS-Patrick Bogner