armoiries Beaucaire

Monsieur Julien SANCHEZ

Number of inhabitants 16 000
Department 30
Town Hall Place Georges Clémenceau
Tél. : 04 66 59 10 06
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In 1999, the Ville et Métiers d’Art “Arts and Crafts City” label was awarded to the town of Beaucaire, putting the area’s many craftspeople in the spotlight.

Nowadays, Beaucaire is home to a dozen craftspeople. They offer the public a range of artistic specialities: ceramicist, cabinet-maker, iron craftsman, furniture painter, upholsterer, basket-maker, glassworker and stained glass window-maker. Most of them, based in the centre of the medieval town, keep these exceptional arts and techniques alive and their vitality contributes to the town’s development

To promote these trades of excellence, the Town of Beaucaire has organised an Artistic Trades Fair every year since 2000. At the fair every autumn, the high standard of the thirty or so national craftspeople selected to attend has brought a recognised level of quality to the public over the years.


On this occasion, the craftspeople of Beaucaire are organising workshop open days as well as children’s activities. During the Fair, there will be guided tours around the town’s historic centre (Beaucaire is a listed Town of Art and History).


You can find all the information about this event on the town of Beaucaire’s website:  or the tourist office’s website: