armoiries Saint-Junien

Monsieur Pierre ALLARD

Number of inhabitants 12 000
Department Haute-Vienne
Town Hall 2 Place Auguste Roche
Tél. : 05 55 43 06 93
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As far back as the Middle Ages, at the junction of the Vienne and Glane rivers, SaintJunien saw early industrial growth including paper and leather manufacturing.

From the early tanners and glovers of the Middle Ages to the luxury gloves of today's fashion shows, Saint Junien has developped the techniques and the talents that have made her today, the finest leather glove producer in France.
Popes, Kings of Great Britain, and also Marlene Dietrich,Josephine Baker and Jessie Norman have all appreciated the fine quality of the gloves made in Saint Junien.

Three glove factories and one tannery proudly produce under Label "Firm of Living Heritage" and preserve that ancient knowledge by supplying the fashion industry and thereby ,spreading their reputation worldwide. Some of these workshops are open to the public and each company has its own factory outlet.

The town preserves and develops this heritage by organising exhibitions and events which enable people to rediscover these ancient trades and their differing production methods as well as the creative flair required by the fashion industry.

A museum will be soon built on the banks of the Vienne river.
Saint Junien known for its arts and crafts is also home to many othe craftsmen in leather art, saddlery and small leather goods, as well as porcelain and coloured enamel.