armoiries Bayel

Monsieur Serge ROUSSEL

Number of inhabitants 900
Department Aube
Town Hall
Tél. : 03 25 92 05 14
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Bayel « Cité du cristal »

Our beautiful village of 854 souls benefits by a more than three hundred years identity.

In fact, Bayel “Cité du cristal”  takes up an unique place in the Champagne Ardenne Région since lives on there the only crystal factory to function. Authentic “manufacture” of crystal doplets, initiated by Colbert and set up by the Venetian glassmaster Mazzolay. Memories to be brought back to life.

It still remains today the emblematic jewel of Champagne Ardenne artwork and artists.

The crystal museum allows to discover the history of glass and crystal from ancient times to present day. Conceived as an ecomuseum, its soul comes from the inhabitants of Bayel themselves.

Bayel is also a high-site of the Champagne medieval statuary through two famous Virgins steadly shown in the greatest French and International exposures.

The Piéta of the Chaource master is a masterpiece from the 1500 years’ Troyes school

As to the Virgin with child from Belroy, it illustrates the perfection reached in the Fourteenth century at the dawned said kings’ time. Two good reasons to push the Saint Martin church’s door.