armoiries Turquant

Monsieur Patrick CONDEMINE

Number of inhabitants 560
Department Maine et Loire
Town Hall Rue de la Mairie
Tél. : 02 41 38 11 65
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The village of Turquant is known for its underground cellars which are cut int the river cliff and remarkably well preserved. In addition to the protection and improvement of its unique heritage, it was essential to consolidate the area by economic and cultural expansion. For this purpose, a unique project has emerged crating a crafts village. The town hall has leant its full support to the creation ans installation of craft professionnal. Many craftspeople, artists and a gallery opened their doors in March 2008. 

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Chargé de développement touristique - Association Turquant Animation et Métiers d'Art.

Responsable de l'Espace Métiers d'Art

Rue de la mairie - 49730 TURQUANT

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@ : cedricsagorin(at)yahoo.fr