armoiries Sallertaine

Monsieur Jean-Luc MENUET

Number of inhabitants 2 739
Department Vendée
Town Hall 38 Rue de Verdun
Tél. : 02 51 35 51 81
image Sallertaine image Sallertaine

Located in 15 km of the sea, the municipality of Sallertaine,

typical and easy to recognize thanks to its two churches, dominate a swamp favorable to the biodiversity, presenting a flora and a fauna of a big wealth. We leave on the meeting of these landscapes by borrowing bicycle paths and fitted out pedestrian hiking trails or during horse ride or in canoes.

For more than 20 years, the municipality works in partnership with the association “L’Ile Aux Artisans”, to consolidate the identity “Art Professions” of the village. Today, this one leans on one hand, on a strong presence of workshops opened in the year and on the other hand, on a summery animation allowing to welcome creative craftsmen presenting their creations during the tourist season.

Present craftsmen in the year : Potter, Smith, Stone-cutter, Ebeniste, Upholsterer, Restaurant owner of furniture, Weaver and Feutrière, Needlewoman, Modeller of sprites, Sculptor on metal, Creator of objects of decoration, Painter in decoration, Handcrafted wooden boomerangs, Corset-maker


Present craftsmen in summer : Ceramists, Manufacturers of wooden toys, Mosaïste, Creators of jewels, Textile Creators, Cirier, Leather workers

Here are some of the initiatives taken by the municipality to develop and emphasize “Art Professions” :

- Put at the disposal of municipal premises for craftsmen- The restoration of the forge and the installation of a smith- Works of restoration(catering) in the Romanic church- Refitting of the garden of Vaulieu- Help to the organization of events: exhibitions, festival, ...



A heritage

- 2500 hectares of swamp
- The romanic church of completely restored style from Anjou sheltering the point i    and presenting exhibitions(exposures): paints(paintings), sculptures
- The garden of Vaulieu: at the same time high vendean geologic site and place of      walk and relaxation very appreciated
- The windmill of Rairé- The bourrine to Rosalie


Places of interest

- Museum of the bread
- Educational farm
- Riding school