armoiries Pézenas

Monsieur Alain VOGEL.SINGER

Number of inhabitants 9 000
Department Hérault
Town Hall 6 Rue Massillon
BP 73
Tél. : 04 67 90 41 00
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Pézenas: A talented city.

This historic Languedocian city attracted many talented artists and craftsmen.  Surrounded by the currents of the Hérault River and the rolling waves of the Mediterranean Sea; Pézenas has conserved its legacy and cultivated its art of living with the exceptional artists that create here.

Iron craftsmen, stonecutters, wood workers, carpenters, mosaic artists, potters and many others use their talents in the ancient downtown, continuing the local traditions.

Over 40 years ago, the city of Pézenas took the initiative to look towards the future of know-how and talent in the arts, all the while conserving their long heritage of creation.  The best crafts men and women in France, and gifted artists have found their inspiration in the city’s streets and alleys that Molière wandered long ago. 

The city’s secret must be their desire to be ground breaking, all the while respecting the fine balance between the opulent past and present elegance.  Cities that are predisposed to marvellous arts are rare, and Pézenas is defiantly one of them.