armoiries Joyeuse

Madame Nathalie TOURRE

Number of inhabitants 1612
Department Ardèche
Town Hall Le Château
Tél. : 04 75 39 96 96
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Joyeuse is a small market town in Southern Ardèche,

on the edge of the Monts d’Ardéche Regional Nature Park. It is located in the heart of an area stretching from the foothills of the Tanargue and the terraced fields of the Cevennes to the plains and plateau of the Piedmont. For decades now, the town has been recognized as the main market town, a central place for contacts, trade and services. History has bequeathed a surprising mix of myths and legends as well as a traditional way of life and a rich architectural heritage.

Thanks to these assets, the city is a well known and unforgettable tourist destination. Arts and Crafts have played a major role in the life of the city for three decades. Some workshops and boutiques have brought life back to the old town. A special feature of the Arts and Crafts in Joyeuse is the wide range of materials used: clay, wood, leather, textile, paper, iron, paint as well as the knowledge and skill of the craftsmen who use them: ceramists, potters, sculptors, wood turners, leather workers, shoemakers, hatters, milliners, visual artists and painters.

As he walks around the town, the visitor can enjoy a wide variety of artisanal products which cater for every taste. About twenty artists and artisans are to be found throughout the year.

The workshops and boutiques are mostly situated in the narrow medieval streets from the Place de la Recluse to the Château des Ducs de Joyeuse.

The association ”Rue des Arts” is responsible for exhibitions, markets and special events, thus promoting and highlighting the work of the artists and artisans.

The “Salon gourmand et artisanal”, with twenty years experience, is the late season must-visit in October. It combines the sale of local food products with Arts and Crafts.